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At Cornerstone, we provide a large array of accounting services to help our clients better manage their day-to-day finances because there are times when your internal accounting staff needs assistance with daily or monthly tasks, or some companies even outsource their entire accounting department to an outside firm.

Allow us to be your partner to pave a solvent future.

Analysis of needs for capital and borrowing
A lot of responsibility comes along with starting and maintaining a small business. Making strategic decisions are essential when running the day-to-day operations. Allow our consultants to review your business’s financial position and better understand how your company operates. After completing an analysis, we will deliver a list of recommendations allowing you to realize your company’s short and long-term objectives.

Financial projection forecasting
Our experienced team approach, combined with our in-depth analysis of the numbers, makes us confident in our financial projections for your small business. You will work with hand-picked professionals that have expertise in your industry. Their experience will pay off in a plan that will work for you now and into the future.

Accounting software advice & install
When it comes to day-to-day financial management, choosing and customizing the best software package is important. We can help you select the accounting software that will work best for your business and industry. But we go a step further too, and will help you set up the software, make sure it works properly and train your internal staff on how to use it.

Bookkeeping Services
We are available to help with your monthly bank reconciliation process, general ledger, Income statements, balance sheets or any other record keeping tasks. Our experienced staff will ensure that your books are up-to-date and accurate.

Financial Statements
Whether you need help creating financial statements, a second set of eyes to review them, or even help with projected financial reports, we can serve as your outsourced accounting team. A few of the reports we manage are:

  • Income Statements - (Profit and Loss Statements) are an itemized list of your revenues and expenses for a given period. Your Income Statement allows you to (1) determine the operating performance of your business, (2) determine what areas are over-budget or under-budget, and (3) determine your income tax liability.
  • Balance Sheets - gives you a snapshot of your business’ financial position as of a specific moment in time. It helps you (1) Identify and analyze trends in receivables and payables, (2) determines if you need to take steps to increase cash reserves, and (3) determine if your business is in a position to expand.  
  • Budgeting
    While no one knows exactly what the future will hold, it’s always a good idea to budget so you are prepared no matter what comes your way. We can help you create a company budget, and individual department budgets, so all your employees have a plan to spend by, and you know where your money is going.
  • Bank Reconciliation
    We will reconcile your business checking account each month, which allows us to keep your bank account, accounting and taxes up to date. Reconciling your account each month allows you to identify missing checks, lost deposits, or unauthorized charges, and prevent embezzling of funds and promptly challenge fraudulent checks presented to your bank while having peace of mind that all funds are accounted for

Payroll Management
Our services extend to managing your company's payroll where we are able to process your payroll or makes the necessary entries to record payroll processed by a third-party provider. Your accounting file will include complete recording of gross wages, employer taxes and other payroll expenses such as: 

  • Record payroll/payroll taxes/payroll fees
  • Employee activity
  • Create employee records
  • Update employees records
  • Commission calculation if applicable
  • Track employee advances

Accounting system design
If you are just starting a business, or need to put some stricter policies in place, we can help you evaluate the different accounting systems so you are sure to choose the best one for your business now and as it grows in the future. As part of this process, we can also help you choose the right software

List of Accounting Services:

  • Track your income and expenses
  • Send estimates and invoices
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Create and send purchase orders
  • Track inventory
  • Prepare and print 1099s

Featured Services

  • QuickBook Certified - need assistance installing or revving up the software to work for you? We are the experts.
  • Bookkeeping Services - We know what it takes to maintain the various financials needed to run a successful business.
  • Financial Projections - We can see the future, but we can help get you there!
  • Analysis for Capital & Borrowing - We look at the facts and provide a report to realize short and long term goals.


"Cornerstone has really been instrumental in getting our business Financials in order. Their expertise really help to put us on track to becoming profitable. I highly recommend them and we thank them for all they have done for us." - Ortez Wells/ Agent Owner at Alsurance