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Who is Cornerstone?

Coming from one of the largest accounting firm in the U.S I moved to Georgia when I realized I was limited in what I could accomplish at that company and wanted to pursue passion where I could devote my vast expertise in accounting towards assisting small businesses achieve their goals. I just did not know exactly how I wanted to proceed.

Cornerstone planted its first roots in (year) when a friend needed accounting help with his fledgling business and he was struggling with QuickBooks. Using my knowledge as a QuickBooks Pro expert I got his books in order so he could continue running operations. It was at that moment I realized I could provide a service with the goal of relieving the financial struggles of a business overwhelmed with the bookkeeping tasks so they can get back to focusing on running the business.

From the beginning, our mission statement has been to relieve business owners of their frustrations managing their books, focusing on understanding their company and developing a financial plan.

Financial Tools

We have the tools available to help you stay financial fit:

"Amin is a thinker and pays attention to detail. He provides the information necessary to make informed financial decisions. His years of experience brings comfort in making complex decisions in the For- Profit and Non-Profit arena." - Waleed Shamsid-Deen / Executive Director Youth V.I.B.E., Inc.